Learn Back-country Guiding Skills At Our Summer Camp On-The-Move!

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Location Course Date(s) Price
SaratogaCamp Week 1 (Saratoga) June 10-14, 2024$490 Sale!Buy Now
Redwood CityCamp Week 1 (Redwood City) June 17-21, 2024$490 Sale!Buy Now
SaratogaCamp Week 2 (Saratoga) July 29-Aug 2, 2024$490 Sale!Buy Now
Redwood CityCamp Week 2 (Redwood City) Aug 5-9, 2024$490 Sale!Buy Now

Redwood City and Saratoga Locations

Special Note: Redwood City camp spot registrations only available on city website here.

Learn Back-country Guiding Skills At Our Outdoor Summer Camp On-The-Move!

“WilderSkills provides access to the natural world and expertly nurtures many fundamental aspects of what it takes to help children become well-balanced, skilled, and fundamentally happy human beings in a rapidly shifting modern environment.” – David Lee, Education Counselor

WilderSkills is excited to offer our innovative Jr Trail Guide Outdoor Summer Camp program at open-space nature parks in Saratoga and Redwood City California.

Taught by some of the most experienced back-country guides, nature specialists, and primitive survival skills experts in the United States, this summer camp training program provides campers Ages 7-13 the chance to develop real-world outdoor guiding and adventure skills.

The WilderSkills Jr. Trail Guides Experience:

WilderSkills Jr. Trail Guides is an immersive real-world nature connection and outdoor wilderness summer camp program. Our Junior Trail Guides outdoor summer camp program offers campers a more focused opportunity to learn outdoor skills specifically applicable to learning how to be a future outdoor guide (Wilderness Survival skills, First Aid, Plant Identification, Hiking Safety, and more!) in a roving summer camp environment. WilderSkills daytime summer camp locations presently include Stulsaft Park in Redwood City, and Quarry Park in Saratoga California. We think families who know and love WilderSkills already, will love the new curriculum addition and adventure opportunities this provides their campers.

Is Each Summer Camp Week Different?:

Yes! Campers can attend summer camp all summer long and learn new things weekly while also reinforcing some skills weekly that are best learned through regular repetition (like First Aid).

WilderSkills Trail Adventure Programs Help Jr Guides Develop REAL WORLD Skills Like:

  • Wilderness First Aid & Survival Techniques
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • How To Research & Plan Outdoor Adventures
  • Plant Identification & Uses
  • How to make Improvised Primitive Emergency Shelters, Hiking Packs + Other Gear.
  • Traditional Outdoor Tool Construction & Methodologies
  • Wilderness Emergency Response Protocols
  • Back-country Navigation
  • Animal Sign, Tracking, & Behavior
  • How to prepare for All-weather adventures
  • Outdoor Games
  • Knife & Outdoor Tool Safety + Care

Outdoor time with WilderSkills also fosters HIGH VALUE SOFT SKILLS such as: Unstructured problem-solving capabilities, Independence and self-regulating behavior development, Critical early development physical strength & coordination, Self-expression, AND HOW TO HAVE FUN OUTDOORS IN REAL NATURE.

Age Groups: 
WilderSkills is designed for youth ages 7 to 13, with campers generally sub-divided into age appropriate groups (roughly 7-9, 10-13). If desired, siblings can still be in the same group regardless. Session content is customized for each age group, with each age group focusing on wilderness lessons and activities on par with their maturity level and interests. For campers ages 13+, see our overnight camps here.

COVID-19 Updates:
WilderSkills programs intend to comply with local regulations pertaining to public gatherings and COVID-19 Guidance.

Camp Location
WilderSkills Trail Camp Courses take place in our beautiful Redwood City location among 40 open acres of trails and wild space at Stulsaft Park, as well as on the open space trails of Quarry Park in Saratoga.

Special Note: Redwood City camp spot registrations only available on city website here. Please check directly with Redwood City regarding registration dates.

Camp Hours:

Saratoga programs: 9am – 3pm ,
Redwood City programs: 9:30am – 3:30pm

Extended Care: At present, we do not offer early drop-off, or extended care options. Some families choose to meet this need by making pickup/drop-off arrangements with other friends attending WilderSkills programs.

Quarry Park

About 10 minutes from the 280 Freeway off Saratoga Blvd/ Hwy 9. Google Maps Location here.

Stulsaft park
(Redwood City)

Roughly 1 mile from the 280 Freeway off the Farm Hill Blvd Exit in Redwood City.  Google Maps Location here.

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